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Who can I speak with regarding customer service for my online order?
If you need to speak with someone regarding your order, please email within 30 days from your delivery date. Our events have been known to see over 17k customers on opening day - opening days for events occur 2-4x per week, on a weekly basis. This creates a huge influx of emails and phone calls, we greatly appreciate your patience in this process.

Will items be available for the entire week?
Our events have been known to sell out very quickly. Be sure to shop First Day for exclusive products available - you can sign up and be notified when our events go live here (click Get Updates)!

Why was an item in my cart, not available when I checked out?
Items are first come, first serve. An item in your cart is not held for purchase. Due to the sheer volume of traffic for an online Sample Sale event, we cannot guarantee the item will be available once you get to check out. 

Can I purchase wholesale / shop in bulk?
260 does not offer wholesale pricing, nor accepts bulk buying. We reserve the right to cancel an order due to bulk buying or potential reselling of items from our events.

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